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FITUP can help you achieve:

1. Record day by day train steps, calculate day by day train distance and calories burned.

2. Shows the amount of train during each exercise time in 24 hours. And weekly, monthly whole exercise and pattern statistics charts.

3. Record every day sleep patterns. The graphic shows daily deep sleep, gentle sleep and wakefulness. Statistics weekly, monthly sleep trends.

4. Record every day coronary heart fee knowledge and coronary heart rate intervals, and calculate the utmost coronary heart rate, minimum heart rate, common heart fee, and week and month average heart rate developments.

5, record the day by day blood pressure knowledge and blood stress trends, statistical week, month common blood strain and alter tendencies.

6, record running, cycling, Plank exercise time, pace, coronary heart price, trajectory and calorie consumption.

7. Record day by day weight and change curves.

8, you can set the goal of the campaign, and statistics on the every day objective completion and the number of days to reach the aim. Encourage your self to exercise every single day.

9, support sharing to WeChat associates, associates map, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter and other social APP, so that small partners for your insistence.

10, registered users of the health motion data can be synchronized to Alibaba Cloud, permitting you to switch the phone data isn't lost.

11, can add household and friends as concerned individuals, at any time to grasp his/her train and coronary heart rate, blood pressure and other health knowledge adjustments and trends.

12, can set smart watches, bracelet alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown, occasion reminder. Call reminder, mute, hang up and other functions.


- The FITUP utility solely supports android 4.4 and above system variations. Support hyperlinks to WeChat movements. After authorization, your steps, sleep, coronary heart rate and different data could be synchronized to Apple Health. You can synchronize the number of recorded motion steps to WeChat motion.

- FITUP have to be used with the FITUP smart wristband and watch. It cannot be used alone when it's used alone.

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