Brush Monster - Toothbrushing

Brush Monster - Toothbrushing

By Kitten Planet

Brush Monster - ToothbrushingBrush Monster - Toothbrushing

It's fun brushing time with mom and dad!

Make your right brushing habit!

The proper method to brush! Also, verify your brushing results.

Does your kid hate brushing teeth?

Hard to tell them the way to brush my enamel correctly?

If so, Make the correct brushing behavior with Brush Monster.

We give mother and father peace of mind and provides their children the proper brushing habits!

★Good for Parents

1. You can help your child make the right brushing habit.

2. You can see your kid's brushing outcomes with the Brushing Results Report.

3. You can give your child a positive thoughts about brushing enamel.

★Good for Kids

1. They can discover ways to brush by themselves.

2. After brushing, they'll get a sticker and in addition take can a selfie together.

3. They can show self-growth to folks and provides them confidence.


1. AR brushing guide

This is the world's first brush information with augmented actuality (AR). Brushing your tooth following the brush information on your face.

2. Correct brushing time

-Brush guide appears for 3 minutes of beneficial brushing time. Keep your time collectively with your children and brush your teeth!

3. Brushing Result Report

-You don't must see your kid's mouth after brushing. Check the in-app brushing result report.

*It is only available when linked with the Brush Monster Smart Toothbrush.

4. Brushing Sticker

-You can collect 1 character brush per day. Stars appear on the character and you'll check the number of brushings per day.

(Up to 3 stars per day)

5. Vibration adjustment

You can adjust the vibration power of the good toothbrush according to the consumer.

* How to use

1. Allow Bluetooth and placement permissions on your smartphone.

2. Position the smartphone's front digital camera towards your face.

3. Press the beginning button and put together to brush your tooth.

4. Proceed with the brushing, following the brushing information.

5. Check the brushing end result by way of the brushing result report.

* Responsible for the dental health of the entire individuals with steady content material updates.

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* Please contact under for inquiries.

E-mail : [email protected]

Phone : 070-7620-0405

Mobile : 827076200405

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