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Tappa/Dytt Pro

You can simply reach your goals

Join an activity campaign with Tappa/Dytt and get full access to all functions on the Tappa/Dytt app. With the app, it's easy to get an outline of your steps and activity progress, to motivate you towards your private exercise objectives. The built-in pedometer in the app mechanically transfers your steps to your present exercise campaign and works on most Android phones.

Anyone can participate

With Tappa/Dytt it's fun to increase your exercise degree. Therefore, we provide activity ideas that swimsuit everyone and engage greater than those that are already active. Our concepts are appropriate for companies and people. Anyone can participate - regardless of bodily place to begin, age or gender.

All actions count

The aim of our campaigns is to walk 10,000 steps every day or different actions, that might be transformed into steps in our activity table. We believe that all actions are good, whether or not it is house responsibilities or interval training. Therefore, you can do the actions you want greatest, whether you “walk to Paris”, “New York”, “climb” Mount Everest or “join Nansen across Greenland”. It is a concrete objective that's simple to achieve and can for many of us give a constructive well being profit.

With Tappa/Dytt it's fun to get in shape!

We set motivational targets and give you good experiences alongside the way. Bring your colleagues, pals or household for an extra enjoyable campaign.

Features in the Tappa/Dytt Pro app:

The pedometer is compatible with motion sensors on newer smartphones (free)

7 days of activity recordings/log (free)

Auto-synchronize exercise knowledge with personal profile (members)

Personal profile targets: Set your personal personal objectives and start moving towards a healthier life (members)

Participate and get a good overlook of all your active challenges (members)

Detailed statistics - follow your progress (members)

Follow your progress in a digital map (members)

Health lifestyle suggestions and articles (members)

The app is appropriate with services from tappa.se, dytt.no, stappa.nl, friskop.dk, tappa.de tappa.ch


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