evolum Meditation

evolum Meditation

By Evolum

evolum Meditation

evolum is a guided meditation and personal growth software.

Each day, embark on a journey of some minutes deep within your consciousness.

Change your inside reality, and alter your life.

By using evolum, put together to:

✅ Learn to meditate via guided meditations

✅ Discover the well-being of a calm and extra peaceable mind

✅ Discover the happiness of a life aligned together with your deepest aspirations and anchored within the present

✅ Develop your focus and mindfulness

✅ Discover highly effective private development methods

✅ Total relaxation of body and mind

For To achieve these results, we use tools like:

➡️ Mindfulness meditation

➡️ Creative visualization

➡️ Gratitude

➡️ The regulation of attraction

➡️ Harmonization of the chakras

➡️ Deep leisure techniques

➡️ The principles of Reiki, energy visualization, kundalini, yoga

➡️ Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

➡️ Mudras

➡️ Energy factors EFT Getics

➡️ Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

➡️ Principles of Shamanism

➡️ Positive Psychology

➡️ Release of adverse emotions


➡️ Culture of self-confidence

➡️ Hypnosis

➡️ Buddhist meditation

➡️ Tantra

➡️ Sophrology

➡️ Ayurveda

➡️ Methods of letting go

➡️ The Ho'oponopono method

➡️ The connection to the upper self

➡️ The Ikigai

➡️ Body scans

➡️ The Practice of Conscious Intention

➡️ Manifesting Abundance

➡️ Positive Affirmations

➡️ Unleashing the Inner Child

➡️ Vipassana Meditation

➡️ Intuition Development

➡️ Third Eye Development

➡️ Soul Wounds

➡️ The shrink

➡️ Other rest and personal growth techniques

Relaxing music and sounds of nature (singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, kirtan, bina sounds urals, mantras, songs created to increase focus, sounds in 432hz).

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Be the change you want to see in the world.

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