Water Reminder

Water Reminder

By 偲来方 slight.fun

Water ReminderWater ReminderWater ReminderWater Reminder

The Drink Water Reminder is an app designed that can help you develop your drinking habits that focus on water steadiness daily. Help you keep healthy!

Warm reminders all through the day, you do not have to pay attention to the time!

Simple interface, tremendous simple to use!

You can even assist your youngster to drink water~

The main features

★ Timely remind you of your ingesting time

★ Automatically scale back the day by day target quantity of consuming water

★ Customize the quantity of water each time

★ Automatically generate transcript analysis

★ Bundle multiplayer mode

★ Data synchronization

The advantages of ingesting water

★ Keep your body water balanced and healthy

★ Promote metabolic detoxification

★ Helps stop kidney stones

★ Replenishing water misplaced in the physique after exercise

★ Helps withstand stress and calm down

★ Helps digestion and maintains body

The busy work rhythm makes it easy to disregard drinking water, drink water to remind you of a healthy life conduction mission, drink sufficient water, balance your body! Your drinking time, reminded by us! And you're at all times beautiful and healthy! Drink water!

We are pleased to listen to from you~

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