Idle Loot Quest

Idle Loot Quest

By TopCog

Idle Loot QuestIdle Loot QuestIdle Loot QuestIdle Loot QuestIdle Loot QuestIdle Loot QuestIdle Loot Quest

Idle, v: to pass time doing nothing. Loot, n: spoils taken by pillaging. Quest, n: a pursuit made to be able to obtain something. Idle Loot Quest, n: An epic pursuit to obtain spoils by passing time doing nothing!

Embark on a journey by way of Suspicious Libraries, Illusory Plateaus, and Run-of-the-mill Toy Factories! Battle Gluttonous Hobgoblins, Break Dancing Merfolk, and Exothermic Algae! Find Loot in Frozen Satchels, Mocha Silos, and Rancid Phone Cases! Wield fearsome gear corresponding to a Doomsday Anchovy, a Psychedelic Top Hat, and a Kiwi of Lunacy! Loot, Quest, Loot, Quest...your Fame shall be Renowned as the Fame of Renown!

-Complete hundreds of Quests as you frequently find extra powerful Gear!

-4 Skills to Train and boost your Questing Capabilities!

-Hire Associates to assist you in your journey!

-Collect Rare Loot similar to Loot Keys, Treasure Piles, Whetstones, Potions, and more!

-Increase your MetaFame and compete on the Leaderboards!

-40 Achievements - are you able to unlock them all and become a Master Idle Loot Quester?

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