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Chosen by the gods, betrayed by your king, you must stop the Scorpion!

Pon Para and the Unconquerable Scorpion is a 742,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Kyle Marquis, and the sequel to Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth.

Your choices management the story. It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound results, and fueled by the huge, unstoppable power of your creativeness.

The thinker witch Teijia has unleashed a brand new weapon: a scorpion-god whose venom poisons the very foundations of reality! As the perimeters of the world disintegrate, the nomadic Stormraiders make one ultimate, desperate push to defeat the Three Nations and carve out their own kingdom.

This time you'll want greater than the sign of your god and some pals: to end the war and save the world from destruction, you'll need an army! Establish your self as a warlord, crime boss, or divine leader and cross oceans and deserts to find a weapon that may stop the Unconquerable Scorpion!

Old Friends and Enemies Return. Once again discover friendship, enmity, or romance with Melaxu the nymph thinker and Tamur the Desert Empire spy. But beware: the Stormraiders Galimar and Gisla are again too. And what will your individual rulers, King Hyras and the Desert Empress, demand of you this time?

New Heroes, New Threats. Recruit Col the satyr basic and his young ward Clannath, a crow-woman cursed by the God of Rage. Claim territory throughout two nations and scheme to guard your followers. But beware the ambitions of the darkish priests…and of the monks of Heaven, who nonetheless consider you a heretic and enemy of the gods!

The End of Philosophy? Even as King Hyras and Lord Vankred square off to end the Stormraider War, the witch Teijia unleashes her ultimate weapon: the Emissary Beast Magdala, the Unconquerable Scorpion, whose venom can destroy the engines that keep the World That Remains. What can stop a creature forged by the gods to be unstoppable?

Return to the World That Remains. Make yourself at home!

• Play as male, feminine, or nonbinary; gay, straight, bi, or ace

• Defeat enemies with sword and spell, or make allies with diplomacy, deception, and the miracles of your god

• Unleash new companions and prepare them in alchemy, infiltration, diplomacy, or the humanities of war

• Explore historical cities, savage wastelands, and the glittering, lethal palace of the Desert Empress

• Find friendship, romance, or rivalry with nymphs and satyrs, thieves and monarchs, darkish warriors or holy sages

• Bring peace to warring nations—or drive them to destruction in your personal ends

• Forge a military strong sufficient to cease Magdala, the Unconquerable Scorpion


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