Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator

By Pixelsdo Mobile

Loan CalculatorLoan CalculatorLoan CalculatorLoan CalculatorLoan Calculator

Loan Calculator is a free cellular app that allows you to calculate all types of mortgage.


Many banks offer completely different conditions and you can't make your choice? Loan Calculator calculates the month-to-month fee, the quantity of curiosity paid, the entire price of credit, and amortization Schedule. Enter the information and the outcome might be generated.

User can send the calculation results to others through Email and Financial Professionals can e mail the quote to their purchasers.


* Personal Loans

* Mortgage Loan

* Business Loan

* Auto Loan

* Business Overdraft


* Works without internet connection.

* No background process.

* Totally free, no hidden charges or in-app purchases.

* Do not require any special permissions.

* Can be installed on the SD card.

* Option to share outcomes.

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