Double-entry family book

Double-entry family book

By mgm.shg

Double-entry family bookDouble-entry family bookDouble-entry family bookDouble-entry family bookDouble-entry family book

This is a household account book application that uses the double-entry bookkeeping system.

The fundamental function is so simple as journal entry ⇒ B / S and P / L reflection, so those that know bookkeeping can use it without any discomfort.

There isn't any idea of tightening, and as soon as you enter it, will probably be reflected in B / S and P / L.

You can even manage bookkeeping-specific belongings similar to inventories and glued property.

Even if you do not know bookkeeping, you can enter it without being aware of bookkeeping, so you can use it. I assume that you will perceive the comfort of bookkeeping whereas using it, so if you are dissatisfied with the management that you just didn't like with the previous software, please use this application as quickly as. ..

With this app, you presumably can manage the next, which was not sufficient with a traditional household account book.

-You can freely set any variety of accounts you need to handle, similar to money, bank deposits, and electronic cash, and handle your steadiness.

・ There is a transparent distinction between actions of money that ought to be mirrored in households corresponding to payments and income, and actions of money that shouldn't be mirrored in households similar to transfers between accounts, e-commerce expenses, and carry-over of books. Will be.

-You can register as many bank cards as you want, and it is possible for you to to manage your family precisely, such as reflecting the earnings and expenditure at the time of purchase to the household and reflecting solely the change within the steadiness for cost.

For the time being, register your cash and account steadiness, then register payments and income more and more, and see how the results will be mirrored in your stability sheet and earnings statement. As you look at it, you'll gradually understand its implications.

Then, when you get to know somewhat about bookkeeping, when you read the explanation of bookkeeping on the blog below, you will be able to use the features of the app higher than before. I assume we will perform superior administration as nicely.

Because it is a household account book by bookkeeping, as a examine of bookkeeping for the following folks You can even use it.

・ I'm thinking about bookkeeping, so I need to know what bookkeeping looks like.

・ I took the bookkeeping test, but I have not used it in practice, so I'm unsure how convenient it is.

・ I studied bookkeeping before, but I haven't used it at work, so I'm likely to overlook what I studied.

I even have questions beneath.

How to make use of the app, what sort of journal should I make in such a case? Please be at liberty to ask any questions.

・ Display balance sheet (B / S) and revenue assertion (P / L)

・ On the calendar Daily profit and loss show and one-screen display of calendar and simple B / S / P / L

・ For any interval corresponding to one month or multiple months, any period such because the previous month or the earlier year Period and comparative analysis

・ Monthly transition quantity by topic ・ Graph show

・ Budget registration and comparative analysis with precise results

・ 2 Freely set topics in two levels (subjects, sub-subjects)

・ Specify the start date of the month (with vacation adjustment)

・ Register multiple accounts and consolidated monetary statements Display

・ Registration of diary and every day display on calendar

・ Automatic recording of fixed expenses

・ Automatic registration of credit card fee info

・ Tag registration

・ Ability to regulate the guide balance to the precise stability by coming into the current balance quantity

・ Inventories (purchase a quantity of quantities) However, management by amount of assets that manage the used quantity and remaining quantity)

・ Entering the market value of securities (stocks, and so on.), managing profit and loss by selling, inputting charges

・ Depreciation of mounted belongings (assets used for an extended interval of time) (expense apportionment)

・ Favorite registration of incessantly used screens and direct activation from widgets

Registration and direct registration from widgets

・ Import to CSV file, export from CSV file

・ Backup (automatic / manual) and restore

・Error report sending function

The following blog describes the functions under consideration for introduction.

If you've a request for added features, please go away a remark.

I'm doing Twitter, so please observe me when you like.

@ fukushiki2014

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