Simple Cash Book - Cash Management

Simple Cash Book - Cash Management

By Self Mentor

Simple Cash Book - Cash ManagementSimple Cash Book - Cash ManagementSimple Cash Book - Cash ManagementSimple Cash Book - Cash ManagementSimple Cash Book - Cash Management

▌A easy money book is a financial journal that contains all cash receipts and disbursements, together with financial institution cash in and cash-out. You can plan your monthly budget. It will assist you to forestall excessive spend out of your finish.

▌ Simple Cash Book - Cash Management is to sustaining your credit-debit accounts and private ledger (party-wise) like Daily Cash.

Manage Multiple Cash Book - Want to create a separate account for house bills, workplace, travel, faculty, and so forth. Create as many cashbooks as you like and preserve separate information for every of your necessities.

Backup Restore - Share your backup to cloud and restore it from anywhere

Simple Cash Book - Cash Management Features :

- Showing Current total money in, cash out, and stability on Dashboard

- Create a quantity of cashbooks

- Share pdf report of cashbook to anyone on social media

- Filter your data with date

- View month-to-month records in calendar view

- Edit and Delete Entry within Cashbook / Accounts

- Password authenticated for Security Settings

- Add Transaction from Ledger for daily revenue expense entries as

- Serves as personal ledger to handle spending

- Improved Backup Restore - Backup Manager

- Split amount among school college students, teams hostel expenses

- You can clear all entries and begin it again

- Take your information backup into Google drive cloud backup

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