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There are some UnitConvertes within the Store, but largely they are a bit lengthy winded to make use of. I tried to focus on crucial units and an easy person interface.

You just select the sphere of models that you just want to convert, than fill within the worth within the field and press 'Enter' - key.

Fields of Units supported:

Speed (e.g.: kilometers per hour km/h, miles per hour mph, knots kn, Mach)

Length (e.g.: meter, kilometer, yard, mile)

Gewicht (e.g.: kilo, ton, oz,...)

Volume (e.g.: yd³, km³, m³, Pint)

Surface (e.g.: m², mi²,hectare, acre)

Time (e.g.: day month, year)

Temperature (e.g.:Celsius, Kelvin, Rankine)

Wind (e.g.: Beaufort, m/s, knots)

Bits 'n' Bytes (e.g.: Bit, Byte, MB)

Work (e.g.: Joule, kilocalories)

Power (e.g.: Watt, Horsepower)

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