Chinese Pinyin - Learn Chinese Mandarin Pinyin

Chinese Pinyin - Learn Chinese Mandarin Pinyin

By longislandicedtea

Chinese Pinyin - Learn Chinese Mandarin PinyinChinese Pinyin - Learn Chinese Mandarin PinyinChinese Pinyin - Learn Chinese Mandarin PinyinChinese Pinyin - Learn Chinese Mandarin PinyinChinese Pinyin - Learn Chinese Mandarin Pinyin

Chinese Pinyin is a fun, efficient and engaging app for beginners to learn Chinese Mandarin. Using effective methodologies, Chinese Pinyin helps newbies learn Chinese Mandarin quickly to a conversational degree. With Chinese Pinyin, you will learn Pinyin, pronunciation, character stroke order, vocabulary and grammar in an interactive means.

Download Chinese GG instantly, and begin to be taught Chinese language and converse Chinese Mandarin anytime, anywhere!


◉ Pinyin Chart:you can view all the Chinese Pinyin in a single Pinyin Alphabet, every Chinese Pinyin have example and native speaker's pronunciation.

◉ Text Reading: you'll find a way to pay attention Chinese pronunciation with native speaker repeatedly, that is the most effective way to be taught Chinese Language

◉ Pronunciation practice: You can comply with the native speaker to practice you Chinese Pronunciation.

◉ Writing practice: Listen to the Chinese native speaker's pronunciation and write it down

◉ Game-based Chinese Mandarin learning.

◉ Pinyin (Chinese pronunciation) course for newbies.

◉ Systematic programs based on HSK levels.

◉ Bite-sized curriculum to fortify your Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing expertise.

◉ Simplified and conventional Chinese character are both supported.

◉ Offers commonplace Chinese Mandarin audio spoken strictly by native audio system.

◉ Displays Chinese as pinyin or characters as you want.

◉ Offline studying: Once a course is downloaded, no web connection is required.

◉ Study progress tracking throughout a quantity of devices.

With this app, you'll be able to study Chinese Mandarin when you are driving, having a shower, cooking, walking... or no matter.

How to say hello in Chinese Mandarin?

How to say I love you in Chinese Mandarin?

The most effective approach to learn Chinese Mandarin is to repeat Chinese Mandarin phrase and vocabularies everytime you do.

With this app, you possibly can learn to converse Chinese Mandarin in 24 hours!


* 900 widespread Chinese Mandarin phrases and phrases included, every with native speaker audio.

* Every phrases and phrase with translation pronunciation and transliteration.

* You can play Chinese Mandarin phrase and vocabularies when the app in background.

* No web connection required.


- Greetings

- Basic

- Numbers

- Time

- Conversation

- Questions

- Request

- Family

- Introduction

- Love Dating

- Food

- Restaurant

- Study Work

- Daily activities

- Travel

- Country City

- TrafficGoing out

- Weather

- Shopping

- Direction

- Health

- Hobbies

- Adjective

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