Super Unit Converter

Super Unit Converter

By S Bharadwaj Reddy

Super Unit ConverterSuper Unit ConverterSuper Unit ConverterSuper Unit ConverterSuper Unit Converter

Super unit converter is a very simple and straightforward to make use of unit converter with the ability to transform many of the day to day utilization of items to your necessities. This application becomes of utmost utilization for professionals, students and teachers. Converting units may be very easy simply select the units and enter your worth.

Quickly convert virtually any unit you can assume of!

It consists of following classes :

★ Acceleration items converter

★ Angle items converter

★ Area models converter

★ Digital Storage units converter

★ Distance models converter

★ Energy items converter

★ Flow Rate models converter

★ Force units converter

★ Length models converter

★ Light items converter

★ Mass models converter

★ Power models converter

★ Pressure units converter

★ Radiation dose models converter

★ Radioactivity items converter

★ Speed items converter

★ Temperature models converter

★ Time items converter

★ Torque items converter

★ Volume units converter

★ Weight items converter and so forth....

The stunning Design user interface permits for quick and simple conversions from a quantity in a single unit to another. The aim is to keep it easy - you won’t be overwhelmed with an excess of options and settings, permitting you to perform your required conversion as shortly as possible

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