Touch Train 3D

Touch Train 3D

By monois Inc.

Touch Train 3DTouch Train 3DTouch Train 3DTouch Train 3DTouch Train 3D

A local train and a limited specific start to run by straightforward operation!

If a display is traced, a track could be drawn and a train will begin to run it!

It is the model new feeling which is run to the traced portion!

If a right-hand side prepare mark button is pushed after working a prepare, it's going to change to train viewpoint mode. It is dynamic!

There are lots of numerous mechanisms!

The prepare could also be added whereas playing?

Please play each day!

********** How to play **********

- If a display is traced, a observe can be drawn and a practice will begin to run it.

- The button of the prepare mark of the screen proper is in practice viewpoint mode. A viewpoint involves follow a train.

- It can stop by pushing purple x button to stop practice viewpoint mode.

- A viewpoint is changeable if a screen is traced on the time of train viewpoint mode. The prepare which is working may be seen from varied angles.

- Please push the arrow button in the upper and decrease sides of x button to vary a viewpoint to the train which is totally different when two or more trains are run.

- Trash button on the higher left of a display screen can erase the track drawn once.

- The Button within the higher proper nook of the display is a menu button. I can display objects on the menus.

- Other apps are introduction of pleasant functions aside from Touch trains 3D.

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