Industrial safety test

Industrial safety test

By Понасенков Виталий

Industrial safety testIndustrial safety testIndustrial safety testIndustrial safety testIndustrial safety test

The objective of the application is to organize staff for the commercial security examination. All collections correspond to collections of Rostekhnadzor. The application lets you pass testing on the at present relevant categories:

- A. General necessities for industrial security (A.1)

- B. Special necessities for industrial security (B.1 - B .12)

- D. Energy safety (D.1 - D.3)

- C. Safety requirements for hydraulic buildings (C.1 - C.4)

The major features of the economic safety testing program Industrial security checks:

- testing within the examination mode

- Tickets mode, which lets you research all the questions of the class by tickets

- Marathon mode, which permits you to create your own check using the selected class and specifying the required variety of questions

- Favorite questions mode, which lets you create an inventory of chosen questions and then pass the check in accordance with the generated list

- My errors mode - working on your own mistakes

- Favorite questions mode, which allows you to create a list of favourite questions and then take the check based on the generated list

- view the record of questions by category and search option

- it is possible to leave your notes to any question

- storage of testing statistics, with subsequent display of information for the user in the form of diagrams

The software doesn't require a permanent connection to the Internet and works offline with none problems

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