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Spanish Flashcards

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Spanish FlashcardsSpanish FlashcardsSpanish FlashcardsSpanish FlashcardsSpanish FlashcardsSpanish FlashcardsSpanish Flashcards

How to study effectively?

Want to grasp Spanish vocabulary?

Spanish Vocabulary flashcards are images/text/sound on cards, used to help keep in mind new vocabulary in Spanish. Instead of simply reading the definition in a dictionary, the mind can additionally be challenged by way of our several learning modes: Listen Repeat, Study, Slide show, Matching, Memorize, Quiz to make the educational Spanish language extra exciting and fun.


Spanish Vocabulary Conversation app consists of 100 Spanish conversations which cover essentially the most used Spanish conversations from 9 classes:


•Food and drink

•Daily Activities







Spanish Vocabulary flashcards app includes 4000 premade Spanish flashcards which cowl probably the most used Spanish words from 9 classes:




•Food and Meals






Keys features:

• Listen and repeat dialog to enhance talking skills

• Daily check to grasp your vocabulary

• Track study progress utilizing Leitner system.

• Enhance examine utilizing quiz, listening, matching games

• Review schedule that will help you evaluation flashcards before they are expired.

• Text to speech to check flashcards without taking a glance at screens.

• Download unlimited flashcards to your units for offline study

• Create your individual flashcards to review your own supplies.

• Flashcards can be created on our web site

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