Learn to Read - Silabario

Learn to Read - Silabario

By Edu'Apps

Learn to Read - SilabarioLearn to Read - SilabarioLearn to Read - SilabarioLearn to Read - SilabarioLearn to Read - Silabario

Learn to learn at no cost. This academic sport uses phonetics to show reading while having fun (from 4 years). Through progressive and structured levels, discover the sounds, the syllables and assemble them. A nice bonus in your child!


** Free: All levels are free.

** Effective: Many children have discovered to read in Spanish because of this pedagogical methodology.

** Rigorous: Strictly analytical (syllabic) pedagogy, designed by experienced teachers.

** Complete: Approximately one hundred levels with one new syllable per stage.

** Testable: Adults can analyze the child's progress using the markers.

** Motivational: Tests and colours stimulate the child and highlight their progress.

** Satisfactory: Each youngster progresses at their very own tempo and with pleasure.

** Progressive: Simple vowels first, then the first syllable of the phrase, 2 syllables and eventually 4 syllables per word.

** Gradual: Each level is based on the information of the previous ranges.

** Mobile: At residence, at automobile or prepare, Internet connection is not necessary.

** Carefully designed: About 3 00 beautiful pictures illustrate the phrases.

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