SSH/SFTP/FTP/TELNET Advanced Client - Admin Hands

SSH/SFTP/FTP/TELNET Advanced Client - Admin Hands


SSH/SFTP/FTP/TELNET Advanced Client - Admin HandsSSH/SFTP/FTP/TELNET Advanced Client - Admin HandsSSH/SFTP/FTP/TELNET Advanced Client - Admin HandsSSH/SFTP/FTP/TELNET Advanced Client - Admin HandsSSH/SFTP/FTP/TELNET Advanced Client - Admin Hands

★★★ SSH client, FTP Client, SFTP Client, Telnet Terminal - all-in-one monitor your hosts batch modes SSH host monitoring widget! ★★★

Admin Hands - a model new era all-in-one complex software program aimed to carry out everyday!

New function: Monitoring Statistic - watch all fundamental metrics of your server real-time: free RAM, free disk house, CPU usage, community usage and more.

›››› Powerful Secure SSH client

›››› Fast Secure FTP and SFTP client

›››› Telnet

›››› HTTP Download/Upload Capabilities

›››› Batch mode

You can connect with ssh terminal, ftp client or perform automated actions with just one click! Very powerful device for distant UNIX/Linux or Windows administrators, which helps us to deal with an army of servers!


- Parallel SSH/SFTP/FTP/TELNET sessions

- Users (Identity)

- Google Material Design compliance

- Built-in textual content editor with syntax highlight

- SSH Monitoring Statistics Android Widget (very handy thing)

- A lot of labor accomplished to fix multiple bugs and crashes


★ Secure password supervisor encrypted (AES-256) with grasp key


★ Batch actions: Download, Upload, Execute

★ Batch ping hosts (two methods)

★ Execute command or script on machines!

★ SSH terminal and Telnet terminal (full colour terminal) embedded

★ FTP client for android

★ SFTP client for android

★ Ultra quick multi-threading, as much as 128 threads!

★ Additional keyboard with special characters and arrows!

★ Simple, trendy and friendly Material Design interface

★ Terminal themes

★ Import/Export knowledge to another devices

★ Save your hosts to CSV/XML/HTML

★ Read and save logs

★ Password Generator

★ Organize your hosts by group

★ Copy Paste hosts!

★★★ And a lot more! ★★★

... Admin Hands is simply tool with UI for:

- Automatically run instructions over SSH on many servers

- Automatically run commands over TELNET on many servers

- Automatically run instructions over FTP on many servers

- Automatically run instructions over SFTP on many servers

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