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The Armed Forces, the Troika, the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Guard, volunteers, the Munwarts and state our bodies are concerned in regards to the issue of id checks thousands of occasions a day.

can cost a life. Saboteurs and gunners are skillfully disguised as law-abiding residents. And an individual who allegedly doesn't arouse suspicion is normally a traitor who hides an explosive at house, corrects the fire or passes info to the enemy.

To scale back such dangers, YouControl, in collaboration with Artellence and with the assist of the SBU, has developed a free TyHto utility to shortly examine people at checkpoints, on the street throughout curfew, on the entrance to a shelter or wherever. Such inspection and detection of suspicious persons will save the lives of many individuals.

We check and show:

- the correspondence of the photograph in the passport to the one that presents it

- passport is wanted or misplaced

- is the individual wanted by the state

- is the particular person on the register of terrorists

- are sanctions imposed on the individual by the National Security and Defense Council


- being on the listing of military terrorists and DRG

- being in the base Peacemaker

- whether the automobile is needed.

How it really works ?

The utility asks for the identify, series and number of the passport, the date of birth of the individual being tested. One point is sufficient, however the extra info - the more accurate the examine. You also can take a picture of the individual and their picture within the passport to establish compliance. Or mismatch

To examine the automobile - enter its number. If the car is not wanted, you'll obtain a solution with the parameters of the automobile: make, mannequin, colour and year of manufacture. This check detects autos that use the license plates of different automobiles.

Now you understand when you can trust the individual in front of you. The person may have additional in-depth screening by the police or particular services. However, everybody can use it. For instance, when checking the landlord or tenant. Even new neighbors could be checked.

Important: The utility does not comprise, retailer or transmit private information. It accommodates public information from open registers. If a danger issue has labored, it's not proof that you are a criminal, it's a sign for police or different companies to pay attention and conduct a extra in-depth and detailed investigation.

TyHto ”is free and out there to everyone. You want a cellphone number to register. Download, take pleasure in, suggest to friends!

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