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Experience scheduling that's progressive, customizable and intelligent - constructed for primary to complicated scheduling needs and accessible by way of the online and cell gadgets. Make smarter scheduling choices with our Recommendation Engine, and make certain you keep compliant with relevant legal guidelines by way of using our Compliance Engine.

Do you have more advanced scheduling wants from the start? We have you coated with our product meeting features. Our business experience and vision has led us to create a scheduling software program that allows you to define how your corporation is organized, how it is managed, and what issues most to you on your scheduling operations.

Empower your scheduling operations, from basic must complex customizations - we've it all here!

- Product Assembly and Configuration

Work with our Onboarding group to define, fully customise, and configure our scheduling software program to fulfill your specific scheduling needs and targets. If you wish to enhance your scheduling operations, then we're here to help!

- Recommendation Engine

While scheduling, see recommendations based on default standard standards and/or your individual custom criteria (e.g. ability, efficiency, etc.) to make positive you make the best scheduling choices.

- Compliance Engine

Stay legally compliant with federal, state and native scheduling legal guidelines by organizing and defining related compliance guidelines to contemplate all the authorized jurisdictions that matter to your operations

- Effective Dating

Enable your organization to view a complete chronological report of its knowledge: previous, current and the future!

- Shift Swap Drop

Optionally configure each schedule plan to permit staff to swap and/or drop shifts. Leverage our normal swap/drop workflows or create your personal with approval steps, and so on.

- Individual and Team Staffing

Perform scheduling actions for individual staff, or if most popular, group staff into groups to make job assignments and notifications simpler.

- Targeted Shift Invitations

Leverage the advice engine and dynamic groups to intelligently invite staff to open shifts. That method, your shifts usually have a tendency to be optimized with the right people.

- Notifications and Alerts

Receive notifications and alerts (e.g. protection alerts, confirmed shifts, unfilled shifts, and so on.) on the internet and mobile devices to remain knowledgeable and to ensure operations and workflows continue to progress no matter the place you're.

- Multi-Criteria Scheduling

Use both system or custom fields you outlined to factor into your scheduling operations.

- Custom Fields

Capture whatever data you need to streamline your scheduling operations. Custom fields can be used with all the software’s capabilities, e.g. product assembly, product configuration, suggestion engines, compliance engines, workflows, scheduling options, and so forth.

- Workflow Designer

Mirror your actual business processes or reimagine a new way of working by leveraging the workflow designer to fully customise your workflows (e.g. add approval or notification steps for employee swaps) to maximise your scheduling operations.

- Shift Pattern Templates

Make scheduling a snap by saving your frequent shift templates and patterns so as to simply reuse them when you plan and schedule your staff.

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