Collection of Prayers

Collection of Prayers

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Collection of PrayersCollection of PrayersCollection of PrayersCollection of PrayersCollection of Prayers

Collection in French The Louis Segond Bible

The prayers are grouped by category

Categories and prayers are as follows:

Traditional prayers

- Sign of the Cross

- Doxology (Glory to the Father)

- Our Father

- Hail Mary

- I believe in God (Symbol of the Apostles)

- Confiteor

- Prayer to our Guardian Angel

- Benedictus

- Te Deum

- Soul of Christ (After Communion)

- Act of Faith

- Act of Hope

- Act of charity

- Act of contrition

- Benedicite (Prayers earlier than the meal)

- Graces (Prayers after the meal)

- Veni Creator Spiritus

- Veni, Sancte Spiritus

- Angelus (morning, midday and evening)

- Regina Coeli (Paschal time)

- Salve Regina

- Magnificat

- Sub Tuum

- Remember, Virgin Mary

- Prayer on the end of the Rosary

Prayers to Jesus

- Teach us to like like you

- Dry and barefoot

- At any age!

- To Christ the King, Prince of Peace

- In the heart of our deserts

- From day to day

- With you, Jesus

- Path of passion

- Christ, have mercy on the dying

- Consecration to the Sacred C of Jesus

- God with us

- God Eucharist

- God incarnate, you keep coming

- Give me a way of humor

- Emmanuel

- Jesus Christ at the heart of my life

- Jesus of all the world

- Jesus is alive

- Jesus, get us moving

- I adore you in your Eucharist

- I owe you a Thank you

- I offer you my suffering

- Marana Tha! Come Lord

- My solely desire

- Show me your face

- O Jesus living in Mary

- Pilgrims of Emmaus

- For those that provide you with a heart

- To reside by your presence

- Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

- Prayer for healing to the Sacred Heart

- Prayer for Peace

- Prayer for a model new Pope

- Pray with the Three Kings


- What a glance...

- May our lives reflect...

- Stay with me

- Lord, learn- me

- Lord grant me not to flee

- Lord, make us pilgrims

- Lord Jesus, I need to follow you

- Lord, inform me about my Mother

- Lord, you are

- Lord, come and go to our Samaria

- Be the rock of my life

- On the street to Emmaus

- Simply smile at you

- Follow you, Lord

- You who have been lifted from the ground

- You dared to stand...

- You are s the Living!

- Come to be born in our world...

Prayers to the Father

- Act of abandonment to Mercy

- To You Father, endless our praise!

- Teach us to wait

- Tame me

- It is gorgeous to be your child

- God, hear my voice

- In You be our hope

- I actually have dedicated everything into your hands

- I will never lose my hope

- I lay earlier than You

- I will say OUR FATHER if...

- I know that You love...

- I will come to You

- Just for today

- The grace of assembly You

- The Net surfer's Pater

- The Lord is my guide

- The wonders of each day

- My life as a dance

- My thanks for December 31

- My solely desire

- Our God, we are saying peace...

- Our Father

- Our Father of the believer

- Our Father and Father of all...

- Our Most Holy Father

- We offer you thanks, Lord

- Here we're earlier than You

- O Father, to you the reward

- Father, assist me to recollect. ..

- Father, make us witnesses

- Father, ...the grace of the first step

- Very good Father

- Father, rekindle the flame in us

- For the new year

- For the model new yr of an Internet user

- For the victims of contempt

- Why, Father, the death of so many...

- For a accomplished or unfinished life

- To be succesful of share

- Prayer of blessing

- May your mercy remain...

- May your will be carried out in me

- May your dream be realise...

- Very loving Lord

- Lord, I love you

- Lord, You are at all times there!

- Lord, come to our aid

- Be blessed, Lord, for the yes

- You who are Love and Life

- You who love as I am

- Your method, Lord...

- You give us your identify r Father

- A Love is waiting for me

... and so on

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