Sahih Muslim | without net

Sahih Muslim | without net

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Sahih Muslim | without netSahih Muslim | without netSahih Muslim | without netSahih Muslim | without netSahih Muslim | without netSahih Muslim | without netSahih Muslim | without net

The Book: The Sahih Mosque - Sahih Muslim

Author: Muslim Bin Al-Hajjaj Abu Al-Hasan Al-Qushayri Al-Nisaburi

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The most necessary features of this system:

◉ The complete software without the web.

◉ A section for chapters, hadiths, and favourite books.

◉ A section for taking notes on the hadith .

◉ A part for writing your notes on the chapter.

◉ A section for discussing hadiths.

◉ A part for looking out chapters.

◉ A part for discussing narrators .

◉ The presence of a aspect menu containing all of the sections for a quick transition between them.

◉ The possibility of fixing the font dimension .

◉ The possibility of adjusting the font shade .

◉ Possibility to vary the font form inside 8 Arabic fonts.

◉ Possibility to change the web page background colour for hundreds of colours.

◉ Possibility to vary the page background shade for dozens of themes.

◉ The capability to pick photo backgrounds inside dozens of photographs.

◉ The risk of changing the colour of the theme in hundreds of colors.

◉ The chance of displaying the display screen in full or normal.

◉ The chance of displaying the doors with an evening studying system that is snug for the attention.

◉ The risk of copying any hadith or the whole section in whole or partially.

◉ The possibility of sharing any hadith or part in whole or in part.

◉ The chance of sharing the appliance .

◉ There is a timer to set the time period for automatic studying and exit.

◉ The chance of resetting the program settings and returning it to the default position.

◉ Save the last place you reached in the main menu .

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