JUMANJI: The Curse Returns

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns

By Marmalade Game Studio

JUMANJI: The Curse ReturnsJUMANJI: The Curse ReturnsJUMANJI: The Curse ReturnsJUMANJI: The Curse ReturnsJUMANJI: The Curse Returns

The threats are digital, however the stress is real!” - Pocket Gamer

The Jumanji board game contains a mysterious jungle. With each roll of the dice, risks escape into town and may only be stopped by finishing the sport. Be careful, if the jungle overpowers you and your team - everyone loses!

The Original Board Game from the 1995 Jumanji Movie

● A sport for 4 gamers, play as Alan, Sarah, Judy and Peter from the film - or two original sport characters: Coach Holly and Lucas Garcia.

● Choose your magical Jumanji Token: Elephant, Rhino, Crocodile or Monkey.

● Join an AI team, or gather your folks together to make a staff of your individual. If you've less than 4 gamers, AI characters will fill the empty spots.

● Roll the cube and solve the riddles as they seem within the board’s central glowing green gem.

● Stand collectively and face the highly effective creatures and crops despatched from Jumanji’s jungle to take over the town!

Perfect Your Tactics

● Use Attack and Assist playing cards wisely.

● Draw one Attack OR Assist card at a time to deal damage to jungle creatures and plants, OR help your self and your group.

● Every time you select to assist a teammate, you earn Team Points. When the Team Up icon is full your group will unlock a powerful Team Attack.

● Each turn, your hand will refresh, so you’ll should assume fast!

Add to Your Deck

● After each encounter with jungle wildlife, you earn golden Jumanji cash.

● Coins are awarded based on:

o Encounter Outcome (won/lost)

o Most Damage Dealt

o Best Team Assist

● Use your cash to purchase specific playing cards.

● Cards will be added to your deck for the next round.

Buy the Season Pass:

• Available Now - 3 unique tokens: the Hippo, Snake and Zebra.

• Available Now - The first new Map, Winter Resort.

• Coming Soon - 5 new Maps. Each consists of: 5 new locations, 2 new characters, 2 new tokens, and a new hazard to defeat!

• Coming Soon - DLC Expansions: JUMANJI: Welcome to the Jungle and JUMANJI: The Next Level.

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