By GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.


Arise, lowly skeleton, and rescue the Princess from the Dark Lord's castle!

You are a anonymous skeleton in the Dark Lord's military. After a chance encounter with the Princess, who was abducted to turn out to be the dreaded Dark Lord's spouse, you discovered your self setting her free. Guide the Princess from the shadows in Skeleton Form, switching to Hero Form when it's time to mount a gallant offense! Can you spring the Princess from the castle?

・The Game

Aid the Princess in her flight from the Dark Lord's fort, guarding her from traps and enemies as you strike an suave balance between each Skeleton and Hero Forms--each boasting a palette of distinctive abilities and traits. Can you safely information your royal counterpart to the flower on the finish of every area? Succeed, and the fairytale will further unfold!

Deep gameplay and kooky storytelling come collectively in a resplendent production you can decide up and play--as well as save and stop--anytime you please! Equal elements motion and puzzle, a new type of fairytale awaits you!

This application additionally supports tablets. You can change the necessary thing configuration from the Options Menu.

・The Story

Once upon a time, the Princess of a faraway land dominated in tranquility--until she was kidnapped by the scheming Dark Lord.

The Dark Lord was bent on making the unwilling Princess his bride. Locking her away in his fort, he ordered a skeleton to keep a stern watch over his prize. The docile henchmen kept to his orders... a minimum of at first.

The weeping beauty before the skeleton conjured strange emotions. Yes, he wished to return the Princess to her former life, away from the Dark Lord's marital machinations! And so it was the lowly skeleton betrayed his master and set the Princess free.

But can the pair make it out of the castle in one piece? Our story begins...

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